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The SONOS PLAY:1 is a wireless home audio system for delivering high quality audio to any room in your house. Connect the PLAY:1 to your router, to stream audio from almost any internet music source – including Napster, Tunein internet radio, Spotify, Last.FM, Amazon Cloud Player and much more. Additionally, the PLAY:1 can also stream music from your tablet, smartphone or computer. Alternatively, connect a PLAY BRIDGE to your router to enable you to place the PLAY:1 in any room in your house for streaming music without the need to have the PLAY:1 directly connected to your router.

Basic play/pause, skip and volume up/down controls are provided on the top of the PLAY:1, but the system can also be fully controlled from your iOS or Android phone or tablet. The PLAY:1 also features mounting points for attaching to standard speaker wall brackets.

The PLAY:1 can be connected in pairs in a room to provide rich stereo hi-fi. Alternatively, add a pair of PLAY:1s to your SONOS PLAYBAR for 5.0 surround sound, or add a SONOS SUB for full 5.1 surround sound. The PLAY:1 features a single mid/bass driver and a single tweeter, tuned to provide a wide spread of sound, whilst also maintaining SONOS’ signature deep bass sound and crystal-clear high-end. The PLAY:1 comes finished in black or White

Height: 1610mm, Width: 1200mm, Depth: 1000mm
Weight: 2.4KG

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