LG OLED88Z39LA 88″ OLED evo 8K television with next-gen α9 Gen6 AI processor, great for gaming with 0.1ms repsonse time.



α9 AI Processor 8K Gen6


LG OLED88Z39LA lets you enter the world of α-realism, refined over 10 years of innovation. A portal to new universes and the sensation of feeling like you’re really there. Be the main character surrounded by the exceptional picture and sound refinements of α9 AI Processor 8K Gen6.


AI Sound Pro


LG OLED88Z39LA with AI Sound Pro virtually mixes the sound to create the effect of 9.1.2 surround speakers, remastered for clarity and balance control.


Brightness Booster Max


LG OLED88Z39LA iconic self-lit pixels shine brighter than before with the Light Boosting Algorithm, Light Control Architecture, and other refinements driven by α9 AI Processor 8K Gen6.


Sleek OLED Design


LG OLED88Z39LA clean design, refined over 10 years of design iterations, adds understated style to your space for an aesthetic that goes beyond the usual luxury. Your home feels like an art exhibition with the 77-inch Gallery Design, while the 88-inch model with a Floor Stand sits proudly like a piece of furniture.




Pixels reachest their brightest, most brilliant potential when they stand alone and shine without the dull glow of a backlight


Ultimate Gaming


LG OLED88Z39LA makes you feel like a winner every time you play. A blazing-fast 0.1ms response time, NVIDIA G-Sync compatibility, AMD FreeSync Premium, and VRR support come together to create a clear, smooth picture that can’t be rivalled, while the gamer-oriented UX and simple game streaming let you dive straight in and play on.


Game Dashboard & Optimizer


LG OLED88Z39LA you can apply the ideal settings for your game genre and playing environment with Game Optimizer. Dive into Sound Tab and amplify the action or Game Tab to make sure everything looks and feels just right. There’s no need to pause. Simply access the menu from Game Dashboard, which hovers over the action while you play.


The Sports Sensation


LG OLED 88Z39LA gives you personalized Sports Alert keeps you in the know about your favourite team, with direct access to match schedules from your home screen. With a decade of innovation, only LG OLED brings you stadium-like realism with a vast display and the crisp definition of the α9 AI Processor 8K Gen6 — ideal for watching two games at once with Multi View.

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