ROIDMI X20 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Stick, Anti Tangle Brush Head, App, Magnetic- Wet Accessory & Charging Wall-Mount, Lightweight, LED Light


-Vacuuming and Mopping synchronized
-Double Clean and Save Double Time
-Vacuum Mop Combo
-120,000rpm Brushless motor
-65 mins battery life
-Magnetic Wireless Charger
-Air-X air-dust separation system


Mop and Vacuum Combination-Double cleaning with less worry
120,000rpm brush-less motor-Improve 30% suction power

65mins battery-Deep cleaning large house
Magnetic wireless charging


More personalized experience upgrade-Air-X air-dust separation system


Classic Design-6 international awards


Two-year warranty


Mop and Suction Combination:
Who says you can just either Vacuum or Mop. What about do them both at the same time?
The next generation of strong suction vacuum cleaning and easy mopping


Vacuum then Mop at the same time:
ROIDMI X20 integrates the design of vacuuming and mopping. Get them done easily at the same time. Double Clean and Save Double Time!
The latest X20 is a new upgrade with better power and performance


65 minutes long battery life-Long enough to deep clean a 420 square meters of size. Up to 65 Mins Standard Mode 40 Mins Enhanced 10 Mins Max Mode


What’s in the box:
-50% increased suction power above S1E
-Wet cleaning accessory with water reservoir
-X20 Wireless Magnetic Wall Mount
-Cleaning head
-Mattress brush
-Multifunction Crevice tool
-Soft roller
-Carbon Fibre roller
-Metal connecting rod
-Flex extension hose
-ROIDMI Filtration system, captures 99% of mold, pollen, dust mite, dog and cat allergens, down to 0.3 microns
-Power Adapter
-Cleaning tool
-User manual


Battery capacity: Standard mode: 65 min. /  Enhanced: 40 min./ Max: 10 min.
X20  Lightweight vacuum: 2,6 kg (Handheld: 1.5kg)