Sony BRAVIA XR77A80K 77″ 4K OLED HDR Smart TV


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Sony XR77A80K 77” 4K OLED HDR Smart TV

Sony knows the process of movie production inside and out, including filming and editing. That expertise shines through in their highly rated TV line-up. Their OLED TVs are especially well regarded, combining the infinite contrast of self-illuminating pixels with Sony’s multi-award winning processing technology.

A TV’s ability to produce deep, dark blacks is extremely important to overall picture quality. OLED TVs, like Sony’s BRAVIA XR-77A80K, absolutely excel at this. Each pixel can turn on and off individually to display absolute black. This creates a contrast ratio that is essentially infinite, resulting in rich colours and an incredibly lifelike image.

Powerful “cognitive” processing

Sony are famed for their powerful processing technology, and they’ve just raised the bar again. The new Cognitive Processor XR™ harnesses the power of machine learning and marries it with a human perspective to create a truly immersive viewing experience. A wide range of elements including contrast, colour and texture are cross-analysed in each frame to detect and enhance key focal points. The number of specific details being adjusted can rise into the hundreds of thousands. Because these focal points are based on how we actually see the world, the image appears to have more depth and is more lifelike.

In short, Sony’s new cognitive processing technology produces a sharp, hyper-detailed image that’s about as true-to-life as a TV can get.

Realistic, vibrant colour

The A80K’s XR TRILUMINOS PRO™ display technology further enriches your experience by providing a wider palette of vivid colours. The additional subtlety in colour variation helps the picture look authentic and natural.

Enhanced by HDR

The A80K also supports the Dolby Vision® HDR (High Dynamic Range) format. This system adjusts brightness and colour levels scene by scene for enhanced contrast and detail with Dolby Vision encoded programs, many of which are available through popular streaming services.

Impressive 3D TV sound

Sony’s cognitive processing doesn’t just benefit the picture — it’s used to enhance the audio as well. Here it works together with the A80K’s unique Acoustic Surface Audio+ technology where the screen itself becomes a speaker. This allows sound to be projected vertically and to the sides, and positioned where the source of a sound appears on-screen. That means you’ll get pretty immersive sound, even without additional audio equipment. The TV even “upscales” incoming audio signals to make sure you’re always getting 3D sound, regardless of your source.

Stream with Google TV

The TV’s built-in Google TV smart app platform puts a wide range of streaming services at your fingertips, from Netflix® to Disney+, and consolidates their search results into a single user interface. This saves you time by letting you search for content through multiple services at once. If you’re looking for Interstellar, Google TV will quickly point you in the right direction. No need to individually search through each service you’re signed up for.

You also get custom recommendations. After watching Matthew McConaughey launch into space in an effort to save humankind, you can watch him play the cynical yet compelling Rust Cole in season one of True Detective — on a completely different service.

Next-gen gaming ready

The A80K has two HDMI 2.1 inputs, a key feature for next-gen gaming consoles. To take full advantage of the graphical prowess of a PS5 or Xbox Series X, you’ll need those inputs to hit 4K at a crisp 120 Hz. The TV also supports Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) and Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM). These will keep the action on-screen nice and smooth by removing frame tearing and stuttering.

Premium design with 3-way multi-position stand

X80K sports a premium look metal bezel that is extremely narrow so your eyes naturally focus on the picture, not what’s around it. A 3-way multi-position stand gives you the choice of a standard setting that focuses you on the picture, narrow setting for smaller shelves and a soundbar setting for ideal positioning of your sound system.

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